Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Carolina Story: Home

What happens when two singer-songwriters fall in love, get married and settle down? Well if you call touring across the country together “settled down” folk romance duo Carolina Story have the answer.  The newest album from Ben Roberts and Emily Olson Roberts, simply titled “Home” spins tales of road rambling in songs like 53 days, "Each others eyes and songs you sing keep you moving on, the traveling road is long... because home is where you are"  Showcasing Ben’s Arkansas-gravel voice, Someone, Else laments a Ray Lamontagne vibe complete with sliding pedal steel guitars and harmonica.  Creative rhythms, often emphasized by handclaps, tambourine, and suitcase stomps can be found supporting grooves throughout the album.  Catchy melodies in The Morning Bird add just enough pop pizzazz to this assembly of Americana gems,  that even a die-hard Adele fan will be whistling along.  With harmony vocal chemistry that would give the Civil Wars a run for their money,   the soft and simple ballad In the End closes the collection quietly, leaving the listener a lesson to digest and the longing desire to leave Carolina Story’s "Home" on repeat.
 "Home" and other Carolina Story albums are available on iTunes at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/home/id483301212
or visit Carolina Story at their web-home http://www.carolinastory.com/