Friday, November 11, 2011

Wavorly: The EP

The Wavorly EP
-By: Cory Taylor Cox

With a 4-year wait after Conquering the Fear of Flight, Mississippi Pop/Rock band, Wavorly will finally deliver the follow-up that fans have been begging for on November 11.  That’s right on 11/11/11 Wavorly will release a 4 song EP simply titled The Wavorly EP.
Moving in a different direction from their previous album, released on Flicker Records, the Christian alternative imprint of Sony BMG, the new, independent record is intended for more of a general market than the religious niche.
Produced by Jasen Rauch, former guitarist of the band Red, and Grammy Nominated producer Rob Graves, the EP is stacked with a quartet of radio-ready rock anthems. Engineer Paul Pavao mixed the new recordings; his credits include Hollywood Undead, Fireflight, and even Lady Gaga.  With an increased yet tactful use of sample-beds, one might even compare the catchy songs to prominent urban-to-rock crossover collaborators like Timbaland’s vamps with OneRepublic  
Opening track “Caught in the Middle” starts with a bit-crushed beat beneath lively strings, quickly reinforced by driving power chords from guitarist Seth Farmer.  New to the outfit, drummer Teddy Boldt’s quick hands flash through fills during the song’s bridge.
Wavorly may be targeting a broader demographic but keep all good intentions intact with the uplifting ballad “Carry You.” Frontman Dave Stovall’s voice soars during the encouraging chorus,  “I’ll take the world off your shoulders…” with his signature tinge of rasp adding to the earnest emotion of the powerful lyrics.
Founding member, Matt Lott’s bass holds down the groove during the verses of “One More Try” before the chorus erupts. The song ends with a stomp, clap, tambourine combo beat sure to get heads bobbing before the parting synth and vocal embellishments.
The 4-song experience concludes with the eerie “Part That Won’t Let Go.” Ryan Coon’s keyboard melodies remind the listener of Nintendo’s 1980’s classic Legend of Zelda.  The seamless connection of each member’s instrument builds this final number to a moody, epic masterpiece leaving listeners with just enough taste in their mouths to want more.
 The Wavorly EP is available on iTunes.
 Wavorly will be playing Nashville's Rutledge on Monday Nov. 21  w/ Run Kid Run for a duel CD release show! Also featuring Stephanie Smith.

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