Monday, March 19, 2012

Fareveller Music Fest: Memphis, TN 2012 looking forward

I'm planning on checking out this year's Fareveller Music Festival in Memphis, TN this weekend.  I'll be taking the MegaBus from Nashville to Memphis to spend some time with my little brother and see some great shows!
This is just the 2nd year for Fareveller Fest and I've loved the line up other years so far.  I describe it as Memphis in May (a somewhat more mainstream collection of performers that caters to the general public) for indie kids.  Fareveller does a good job of filling in the void of amazing, medium-sized regional and national acts that is so often neglected by big promoters.

Here are some of the bands I'm looking forward to:
Thursday 3/22
Young Ave Deli 11pm
Maps & Atlases

I've been a fan for years and saw them once about a year ago in Indiana.  They ended the show by an acoustic performance within the crowd.  To be honest... I got a little misty eyed. It was unreal.  I'm very excited about experiencing them again.

Friday 3/23
Otherlands Coffee Bar 8pm
David Ramirez

Young Avenue Deli:
10 pm – The Rocketboys
This is one of my brother's favorite bands. Ambient/post-rock with still some pop rock structure and hooks.  As honest and earnest as any Texan could be. Also check out Brandon's solo project "Wealthy West"

11 pm – The Black Belles
If Jack White likes them so much, they should be worth checking out.

12 am – Eliot Lipp
I just discovered this guy last night, but some pretty cool electro. Should make for a good cool down after party.

Saturday 3/24
Otherlands Coffee Bar
7:30 pm – The Underhill Family Orchestra
I spent a month in an un-air-conditioned van with these 6 musicians last summer and loved every second.   These guys are going places; I'm glad to be a distant cousin of the family.
ps. Brian looks like the Ultimate Warrior in this video.

9 pm – Water Liars
A combination of 2 of my favorite songwriters (See previous blog post for all the details)

10 pm – Jessica Lea Mayfield (solo acoustic)
Similarly... if Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys is so supportive, might be worth a listen.

Young Avenue Deli
10 pm – Arma Secreta
11 pm – Youniverse
Arma Secreta and Youniverse and two Memphis locals holding down the fort, always a great show.

12 am – Those Darlins
A local Nashville/Murfreesboro band that always escapes me. Maybe this time I'll finally get a chance to see these garage babes and make Wanda Jackson proud. This song is really catchy.

1 am – The Hood Internet
Mash-Up DJ keeping in crunk all night long. I've heard good things, I hope the live show is as impressive as the tracks.

And the best part, a wrist band for the entire weekend of music with all these bands and more only cost $25!
Check out these links. Let me know what you love. And look forward to a recap of my wild weekend.

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  1. Wow! I didn't even know this was happening. Thanks for the heads up, Cory.